What to do if jars of pickled mushrooms are swollen?

What to do if jars of pickled mushrooms are swollen?Housewives have always welcomed the preparation of homemade preparations for the long winter, especially from mushrooms. After all, pickled fruit bodies are considered the main attribute for a festive feast. Moreover, mushrooms are great for everyday family meals. Although there is a wide variety of canned mushrooms on the shelves of modern stores, home canning leaves no one indifferent. It should be noted that fruit bodies pickled at home have excellent taste and are rich in vitamins and minerals necessary for the human body. Honey mushrooms are considered one of the most popular and useful mushrooms for conservation.

Why can jars of pickled mushrooms swell?

However, sometimes even experienced housewives have a situation when jars of pickled mushrooms are swollen. It should be said that this phenomenon is popularly called 'bombing'. In closed jars, a fermentation reaction has begun, which is caused by thermophilic bacteria. Therefore, when such a problem arises, you always want to know: what to do if the jar with mushrooms is swollen?

Even if you followed exactly the recipe, it is still possible to swell the cans. Why it happens? This can be influenced by various external factors. For example, storage conditions at the wrong temperature or the lids with which the jars were closed. Their quality can affect the workpiece and the can will swell. Air can get into the place where the lid and glass fit together; as a result, 'bombing' can be expected some time after sterilization and seaming. Or you may not have completed the sterilization process.

Novice cooks should definitely know about the shelf life of mushroom blanks, the set temperature and the correct sterilization of dishes. But what if the pickled mushrooms are swollen? What actions can be taken in this case – really throw out the workpiece?

If the cans are swollen, and the contents become cloudy, then its destruction will be the most appropriate thing to do in this situation. Do not spare your work, because your health and the health of your loved ones are much more expensive.

I would like to say that with proper heat treatment, mushrooms can be stored for a long time and become an excellent addition to any dish or an independent snack. Therefore, it is precisely to harvesting mushrooms for the winter that must be taken seriously. Before preserving, you should sterilize not only the dishes in which the mushrooms will be stored, but also the lids. This process does not require speed: the jars need to be sterilized in a hot oven for about 20 minutes, over steam – 15 minutes, and in boiling water, the jars are sterilized for about 10 minutes.

In addition, jars already filled with mushrooms need to be sterilized. Put a towel on the bottom of the pan, pour hot water and put hot jars with the workpiece. You need to sterilize honey mushrooms in banks over medium heat for 30-40 minutes. Then the cans need to be rolled up or closed with plastic lids and allowed to cool at room temperature.

Is it possible to remake mushrooms if they are swollen on the second day or after a few hours?

If the pickled mushrooms are swollen, this may mean that the preservation rules were not followed properly. This will lead to spoilage of conservation and loss of mood, because so much time, effort and money was spent on the blockage.

Is it possible to remake mushrooms if they are swollen after a few hours? We will answer right away that such mushrooms can and should be remade. To do this, prepare new cans and sterilize them well, and boil the lids for 10 minutes. Rinse the mushrooms, prepare a new marinade and boil the mushrooms in it again for 20 minutes. Some mushroom lovers believe that it is necessary to be very careful when using mushrooms that have undergone repeated heat treatment.

And if mushrooms were swollen on the second day after conservation, what to do? Here the answer is unequivocal – to throw them away immediately, not sparing your work. As mentioned above, the health and life of a family is much more expensive and more important than all costs.

But if you are going to pickle honey mushrooms or other forest mushrooms, you need to minimize the possible risk of puffing up the cans. The main thing is not to roll up jars of pickled mushrooms with metal lids. It is better to give preference to tight plastic covers, which will be safer.

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