Valui mushroom: photo and description

Valui mushroom: photo and descriptionValui mushroom (Russula foetens) belongs to the category of conditionally edible, since its consumption is possible only after prolonged processing: removing the bitter skin and prolonged soaking. However, this mushroom finds its way into many cuisines.

Below you can find out what the Valui mushroom looks like in the photo, where and when to pick Valui mushrooms and how to cook them.

What Valui looks like: a photo of a mushroom with a description

Category: conditionally edible.

Hat (height 2-5 cm, diameter 7-14 cm): mostly light brown, with a depression in the center. It has the shape of a hemisphere, becomes flatter over time. Slippery to the touch.

Leg height 5-13 cm, diameter up to 3.5 cm.

Valui mushroom: photo and descriptionValui mushroom: photo and description

Pay attention to the photo of the valuy: the leg of the mushroom has the shape of a cylinder or barrel, sometimes hollow, but usually dense. Old mushrooms are loose. The base may be covered with dark spots.

Blades: very frequent and long, mostly cream or off-white in color. A yellowish liquid is released, which leaves stains on the stem.

Flesh: white when cut and gives off a rancid smell, darkens noticeably over time.

Valui mushroom: photo and descriptionValui mushroom: photo and description

According to the photo and description, the Valui mushrooms are similar to the almond russula (Russula laurocerasii). Russula differ from Valuev by the smell reminiscent of almond.

Where and when to pick valuei mushrooms

Valui grows from mid-July to early October in the forests of the Eurasian continent and North America. In Russia, it is found in the North Caucasus, in the Far Eastern District and Western Siberia.

It is best to pick valuei mushrooms in darkened forests with high humidity, often in the vicinity of birches.

Eating: after removing the bitter skin and soaking for a long time. Europeans consider this mushroom tasteless, and in Russia it is traditionally salted and pickled, in Belarus and Ukraine they prepare mushroom caviar.

Application in traditional medicine: not applicable.

Other names: stinking russula, goby, weeping mushroom, svinur, pig, snotty (remember the description of Valuy – the mushroom is slippery to the touch). Valui is also often called a fist or kulbik.

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