Serushka: description and photo of the mushroom

Serushka: description and photo of the mushroomCategory: conditionally edible.

See below – what the mushroom serushka looks like in the photo, and read its description.

Hat (diameter 4-12 cm): it can be not only gray, but also with shades of purple or pink. In young mushrooms, it is convex, then becomes funnel-shaped. The edges are uneven and curved towards the inside.

Leg (height 4-10 cm): the same color as the cap, or slightly darker, cylindrical. In young mushrooms it is very dense, and in old ones it is hollow.

Plates: usually adhere tightly to the stem. Have a yellowish or pale gray tint.

Flesh: very firm, white in color, with a very pleasant fruity aroma.

Doubles: none.

Application in traditional medicine: not applicable.

The serushka mushroom grows from mid-June to early September in the countries of the Eurasian continent with a temperate climate.

Other names: serukha, plantain, podoshnitsa, seryanka, gray lacquer, gray nest, gray-lilac lacquer, traveler.

Where to find it: Sierushka is often found in mixed forests, especially in the vicinity of birches and aspens. It can grow in clearings or forest edges.

Eating: usually salted after preliminary soaking.

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