Separate row: description and photo of the mushroom

Separate row: description and photo of the mushroomA separate row (Tricholoma seiunctum) or a different row belongs to the Row family. However, this mushroom also looks like green tea and spruce ryadovka.

This fruit body is extremely rare on the territory of Russia. Considered an inedible species, although others classify it as conditionally edible. It usually grows in mixed forests, where spruce and pine trees are found, as well as in ordinary deciduous and coniferous forests, preferring humid places. The picking season for a single row begins in August and lasts until early October.

Although the mushroom is considered inedible because of its bitter taste and unpleasant odor, many mushroom pickers still salt and pickle it, boiling it in salted water for about 40 minutes. At the same time, changing and draining the water 2-3 times. Everyone who has tried cooked ryadovki of this type assure that their taste is at their best.

Although the mushroom does not have the typical odor of the lilac-footed row, many say that the mushroom has an unpleasant medical odor.

Description and distribution of the isolated row (tricholoma sejunctum)

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the description and photo of the detached row in more detail.

Latin name: Tricholoma seiunctum.

Family: Ordinary.

Genus: lamellar ground mushrooms.

Type: Ryadovka – Tricholoma.

Separate row: description and photo of the mushroomSeparate row: description and photo of the mushroom

Hat: about 10-12 cm in diameter, convex surface, with rare dark-colored scales. In the middle of the cap, which is olive green, there is a conical tubercle of a darker shade. After rain, the cap becomes slippery and slimy. The edges are pale green with slightly curved edges.

Leg: with a thickness of 2 cm, the length of the leg can reach up to 10 cm. It is dense, has small scales, and is slightly thickened at the base. In the upper part, the color of the leg is white-green, in the middle part it is dark gray.

Separate row: description and photo of the mushroomSeparate row: description and photo of the mushroom

Flesh: the cap is white, has a smell of fresh flour, and a yellowish tint prevails in the stem. It tastes bitter, so you shouldn't try.

Plates: white or grayish, loose, silky, rare.

Spore powder: spores are smooth, almost round and white.

Edible: although a separate ryadovka is considered an inedible mushroom, in terms of taste it has an average score. The food can be eaten only after a long boiling. Most often, this fruiting body is usually salted for the winter.

Similarities and differences: a stand-alone row is often confused with other autumn rows, for example, a green row. However, this species has yellow plates and a cap with a greenish-yellow tint.

Distribution: prefers moist soils with high acidity most of all. Usually found in deciduous or coniferous forests. The time for collecting the detached row begins in August and ends in the second half of September.

The description of the detached row and the photos that were given above for acquaintance will help all mushroom pickers to identify this fruit body in the forest and decide whether to take it into their basket or not.

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