Scale alder or alder moth

Scale alder or alder mothCategory: inedible.

Hat (diameter 4-7 cm): yellow or ocher color. Slightly convex or almost completely outstretched. The edges are lighter than the center, often with remnants of the veil.

Leg (height 4-9 cm): yellow or slightly brown, cylindrical, sometimes curved. With a mushroom ring, which disappears as the alder scales grow.

Plates: frequent and tightly adhered to the stem. Young mushrooms are pale yellow, but over time they turn very red.

Flesh: light yellow, very thin and bitter.

Doubles: none.

Scale alder or alder moth grows from mid-August to early October.

Where to find it: Alder flakes are found in deciduous forests on tree roots and rotten stumps. Prefers the neighborhood of alder, willow and birch.

Eating: since the strong bitterness does not disappear even with heat treatment, alder flakes are not eaten.

Application in traditional medicine: not applicable.

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