Category: conditionally edible.

Hat (diameter 3-9 cm): reddish-brown, slightly convex, eventually becomes flat or even depressed. Smooth to the touch, but may be slightly wrinkled.

Leg (height 4-9 cm): cylindrical, expanding from bottom to top.

Plates: white, in older mushrooms may be brown or pinkish. Very fragile, for this reason mushroom pickers do not like to collect rubella.

Flesh: pinkish, with watery milky juice and a specific smell of bedbugs or burnt rubber. It tastes very bitter.

Doubles: spurge (Lactarius volemus) and bitter (Lactarius rufus). Euphorbia can be distinguished by the large cap size and very abundant milky juice, and the bitter by the color of the juice secreted: it is dark brown or burgundy.

Rubella mushroom grows from mid-July to late October in temperate European countries. It can grow under the first snow that falls.

Where to find: Rubella mushroom (see photo) is found in deciduous forests next to oak and beech trees.

Eating: the attitude of mushroom pickers to rubella is controversial. It is classified as conditionally edible mushroom, and after thorough soaking and boiling, it is recommended to salt or pickle.

Application in traditional medicine: not applicable.

Other names: sweet milk mushroom, ass, sweetish milkman.

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