Recipe for porcini mushroom in potted

Juicy porcini mushrooms in pots can be prepared not only in quiet hunting season. We offer in summer only to test the proposed recipes for cooking porcini mushrooms in pots, and already for the winter prepare boletus in salted, dried and frozen form. it very valuable mushroom culture, rich in vegetable protein and vitamins.

You only need to know how to cook porcini mushrooms in pots with the addition of various ingredients that enrich the taste of the future dish. Learning how to make lists of ingredients yourself is possible, but It’s easier to use ready-made recipes. On them a dish of white mushrooms in pots will always be delicious in taste and very useful in chemical composition.

Borsch with porcini mushrooms in pots with sour cream


  • Average beets – 1 pc.
  • Fresh porcini mushrooms – 200 g
  • White cabbage – 200 g
  • Carrots – 1 pc.
  • Onions – 1 pc.
  • Parsley root – 1 pc.
  • Bulgarian pepper – 1 pc.
  • Potato – 2 pcs.
  • Dill and parsley – 1 bunch each
  • Ghee – 4 tablespoons
  • Tomato paste – 1 tablespoon
  • Allspice – 6–7 peas
  • Bay leaf – 2 pcs.
  • Water – 1.5 L
  • Salt to taste

The first, as we suggest trying to cook porcini mushrooms in in pots with sour cream – this is an excellent nutritious borsch.

Boil mushrooms until cooked in salted water with ordinary way.

Remove and chop the boiled mushrooms, strain the broth.

In a mushroom broth in the usual way, boil until cooked diced potatoes.

Peel beets, carrots, onions and parsley root, finely chop, put in a pan with melted butter and passer, then add chopped mushrooms, tomato paste, mix and warm a little more.

In a large clay pot put sautéed vegetables with mushrooms, pour hot mushroom broth along with boiled potatoes (add boiling water if necessary), add shredded cabbage, chopped pepper and mushrooms, salt, put spices.

Put the filled pot into the oven, bring the borsch to a boil and cook 3-5 minutes until cooked.

Serve with chopped parsley and dill.

Porcini mushrooms with potatoes and sour cream in pots

To cook porcini mushrooms with potatoes and sour cream in pots, you need to take the following ingredients:

  • 300 g fresh porcini mushrooms
  • 1 onion
  • 200 g of fresh cabbage
  • 2 potatoes
  • 1 bunch of parsley and celery greens
  • 120 g sour cream
  • water
  • salt
  • pepper

Boil the mushrooms in water. Strain the broth, chop the mushrooms straws.  Put vegetables in layers in a pot: peeled and chopped diced potatoes and onions, shredded cabbage, chopped greens, salt and pepper. Pour in mushroom broth. Close the pot with a lid and put it in a moderately preheated oven for 35 minutes.  When serving to put sliced ​​mushrooms in a dish and season with sour cream.

Mushroom soup with veal.


  • 1.2 l of broth or water
  • 300 g of veal
  • 2 potato tubers
  • 3 tbsp. l dried porcini mushrooms
  • 2 carrots
  • 2 tbsp. l vegetable oil
  • dill greens
  • parsley and celery salt
  • pepper to taste

Cut the veal in portions and simmer with chopped mushrooms in a pan with vegetable oil until half-preparedness. Peel potatoes and carrots, chop cubes. Rinse greens thoroughly, chop. In a pot put stewed meat and mushrooms, add potatoes and carrots, chopped greens, salt, pepper, pour hot broth, cover and place in a moderately preheated oven at 45 min

Pot roast with porcini mushrooms


  • Chicken – 800 g
  • Fresh porcini mushrooms – 400 g
  • Butter – 3 tablespoons
  • Sour cream – 0.5 cups
  • Salt to taste

To cook roast with porcini mushrooms in pots, chicken chop into portions, lightly fry in oil and fold in ceramic pot. Porcini mushrooms cut into small pieces and boil in a small amount of water, then mushrooms with a decoction pour into a ceramic pot with chicken, salt. Pot cover, put in the oven and simmer if weak boil. Add a few minutes before putting out the pot. sour cream.

Serve with fried potatoes and fresh herbs.

Pearl barley soup with porcini mushrooms.


  • Dried mushrooms – 30 g
  • Water – 1.5 L
  • Pearl barley – 0.5 cups
  • Carrots – 1 pc.
  • Onions – 1 pc.
  • Parsley roots – 3 pcs.
  • Vegetable oil – 2 tablespoons
  • Bay leaf – 2 pcs.
  • Ground pepper and salt to taste

Rinse the groats well, pour 1 cup boiling water and put in an open bowl on a small fire to swell. Mushrooms pre-soak and cook in the usual way, adding to cooking time for mushrooms swollen cereals, cook until half cooked cereals. Peel vegetables, roots, finely chop and passer on a frying pan in oil. Arrange the cereals evenly in the pots, sautéed vegetables, add mushroom broth, salt and pepper and cook in the oven until cooked. Serve with sour cream.

Noodle soup with porcini mushrooms.


  • Homemade noodles – 1 cup
  • Water – 1 L
  • Dried mushrooms – 4–5 pcs.
  • Onions – 1 pc.
  • Ghee – 1 tablespoon
  • Shredded parsley and dill – 1 tablespoon each spoon
  • Bay leaf – 1 pc.
  • Salt to taste

Pre-soak dried mushrooms and boil in a small amount of water. Pour water into a large clay pot, put in oven and bring to a boil. Put the noodles in boiling water, salt and cook for 10 minutes. Then add the chopped noodles mushrooms together with the broth in which they were cooked, sautéed in oil onion, put bay leaf and herbs and boil another 5-7 minutes.

Serve with fresh herbs and sour cream.

Potatoes with white fresh mushrooms in pots

Components for cooking potatoes with white potted mushrooms are as follows:

  • Fresh porcini mushrooms – 500 g
  • Millet – 250 g
  • Potato – 500 g
  • Onions – 3 pcs.
  • Vegetable oil – 4 tablespoons
  • Water – 2 L
  • Salt to taste

To cook potatoes with fresh white porcini mushrooms in pots, peel mushrooms, scald with boiling water, then boil, ready remove the mushrooms from the broth and chop. Strain the broth and bring to boiling. In a large ceramic pot put washed millet, pour boiling mushroom broth, put in the oven and cook 15–20 minutes. Then add finely chopped potatoes and continue. to cook. Peel the onion, chop, fry with mushrooms in vegetable oil and put in a kulesh, stir and boil another 5-7 minutes.

Chicken soup with fish and porcini mushrooms.


  • Fillet of perch – 300 g
  • Chicken Broth – 1 L
  • Ceps – 300 g
  • Carrots – 1 pc.
  • Onions – 1 pc.
  • Vegetable oil – 2 tablespoons
  • Sour cream – 0.5 cups
  • Chopped parsley – 2 tablespoons
  • Salt to taste

Peel and chop carrots and onions in oil. Fillet cut fish and mushrooms into small pieces. Pour into pots hot chicken stock, evenly add pieces of fish and mushrooms, sautéed vegetables, salt. Put the filled pots in oven and cook soup until fish and mushrooms are ready. Shortly before finish cooking in each pot add sour cream and a little greens.

Potatoes with porcini mushrooms in pots


  • Rabbit meat – 500 g
  • Pork fat – 150 g
  • Onions – 1 pc.
  • Carrots – 1 pc.
  • Bulgarian red pepper – 2 amount
  • Fresh white mushrooms – 400 g
  • Flour – 2 tablespoons
  • Dry white wine – 0.5 cups
  • Tomato paste – 2 tablespoons
  • Allspice – 4–5 peas
  • Bay leaf – 1 pc.
  • Water – 1.5 L
  • Salt to taste

To cook potatoes with porcini mushrooms in pots, peel mushrooms, pour over boiling water and chop. Cut fat in small cubes, put in a pan and melt. Rabbit meat cut into small pieces and fry in fat until formed golden brown, then put chopped onions and carrots and fry with meat, transfer to a large ceramic pot, add chopped mushrooms and peppers, flour, mashed with tomato paste, salt and spices, pour hot water and wine. Filled cover the pot, put in the oven, bring the broth to a boil and cook soup until meat is ready. Serve with sour cream and fresh greens.

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