Psatirella wrinkled

Psathyrella corrugis Psathyrella corrugis Psathyrella corrugis

Psathyrella corrugis

Other names:

  • Fragile wrinkled;
  • Psammocoparius;

Psathyrella corrugis Psatirella wrinkled, which is also known as the wrinkled fragile, belongs to the Psatirell family, but earlier it was attributed to the Navoznikov family. Mushroom pickers do not consider this mushroom valuable and edible, since it has a very thin stem and cap, and it is often difficult to identify this category of mushrooms.

External description

The wrinkled psatirella is a fruiting body consisting of a cap and a stem. In it, the leg is located in the center, has medium or small sizes.

The hat initially has a spherical shape, very thin, it can be cone-shaped or bell-shaped. As the mushroom matures, it opens completely and becomes flat, while the color of the fruit body varies from whitish to brownish. The flesh of the mushroom is not too fleshy, thin, brittle and fragile.

The peduncle of psatirella wrinkled fibrous, fragile, long and very thin. Its color is comparable to the shade of the cap, sometimes a little lighter than it. The surface of the leg is scaly or felt to the touch.

The residual parts of the bedspread remain especially noticeable along the edges of the cap, taking on a film or cobweb shape. A ring on a pedicle is rare, mainly mushrooms from the psatirella family do not have a vulva or a ring.

The fungal hymenophore is represented by a lamellar type, and the plates are located under the cap either freely, or slightly fused with the surface. Initially, the plates are white, but as the wrinkled psatirella matures, they begin to darken, acquiring a purple-brown, black or brown hue. Often, the plates of a mature fungus have a characteristic difference – light edges.

In wrinkled psatirella, the spores are smooth to the touch, have a time of germination, and are either black or dark purple in color. The spores contain special components – cheilocystids, which can have various shapes – clavate, bag-shaped, bottle-shaped, sometimes with a beak-shaped outgrowth. The spore powder is purple, dark brown or almost black in color.

Season and habitat of the mushroom

Pastirella wrinkled belongs to the saprotroph category, can grow on soils, wood debris and stumps. You can meet them in the middle of green grass, in plantings, forests and forest belts. Such a mushroom can be found both separately growing and as part of large groups.


Mushroom pickers do not consider wrinkled psatirella an edible mushroom, since it has a low energy value due to its thin caps and a small leg. Recognition of a type of mushroom, even by experienced mushroom pickers, is often complicated. True, some of the mushroom pickers call the wrinkled psatirella a conditionally edible mushroom.

Other information about the mushroom

The Latin name of the mushroom 'psathyra' translates as 'brittle', 'fragile'. In Russian, this mushroom is called not only psatirella, but also fragile.

Psathyrella corrugis Psathyrella corrugis Psathyrella corrugis

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