Pine Geopore

Pine Geopora (Geopora arenicola)


  • Department: Ascomycota (Ascomycetes)
  • Species: Geopora arenicola (Geopora pine)


  • Sepultaria pine

  • Sepultaria arenicola
  • Lachnea arenicola
  • Peziza arenicola
  • Sarcoscypha arenicola
  • Lachnea arenicola

Pine Geopora (Geopora arenicola)

Like many geopores, Geopora arenicola spends most of its life underground, where fruiting bodies are formed. Distributed in the southern regions, the growth and maturation of the fruiting body occurs in the winter. It is considered a rather unusual European mushroom.

External description

The fruit body is small, 1-3, rarely up to 5 centimeters in diameter. At the stage of maturation, under the ground – spherical. When ripe, it comes to the surface, in the upper part a hole with ragged edges appears, resembling a small insect hole. Then it breaks apart in the form of a star of irregular shape, while remaining voluminous, does not flatten to a saucer shape.

The inner surface is light, light cream, cream or yellowish gray.

The outer surface is much darker, brownish, covered with hairs and grains of sand adhering to them. The hairs are thick-walled, brown, with bridges.

Leg: absent.

Pulp: light, whitish or grayish, brittle, without much taste or smell.

Hymenium is located on the inside of the fruiting body. Bags are 8-spore, cylindrical. Ellipsoidal spores, 23–3514–18 µm, with one or two drops of oil.


It grows in pine forests, on sandy soils, in mosses and in crevices, in groups, in January-February (Crimea).



Similar types and differences from them

It looks like a smaller sandy Geopora, from which it differs in larger spores. It also resembles similarly colored pets, from which it differs in the hairy outer surface and ragged, 'star-shaped' edge, while in pets, the edge is relatively flat or wavy. When the geo-pores of the edges begin to turn outward in an adult fruiting body, from a distance the mushroom can be mistaken for a small representative of the Zvezdovikovy family, but upon closer examination everything will fall into place.

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