Phlebia red

Phlebia red (Phlebia rufa)


  • Phlebia redhead

  • Merulius rufus
  • Serpula rufa
  • Phlebia butyracea

Phlebia red (Phlebia rufa)

Phlebia red belongs to the corticoid type fungi. It grows on trees, preferring birch, although it can also be found on other deciduous species. Often grows on valezh, on stumps.

Phlebia red is commonly seen in deciduous and mixed forests, but it often settles on weakened trees.

In European countries it grows both in summer and autumn, but in Russia – only in autumn, from September to the end of November. Not afraid of the first frost, tolerates small cold snaps well.

Fruit bodies are open, rather large in size. They are distinguished by their colorful color – yellowish, white-pink, orange. Thanks to this color, the mushroom on the trunk is visible at a great distance.

The shapes of the fruiting bodies are rounded, most often of indefinite blurred outlines.

Phlebia rufa is inedible. In a number of European countries it is protected (included in the Red Lists).

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