Pan julienne: homemade recipes

New Year holidays are coming, so it’s time to think about making the menu. As for snacks, here for many the hostesses have already decided everything. Of course it will be julienne – hotter a dish usually served in small portioned dishes that are also called cocotte makers.

But when there are no special plates, and treating guests insanely If you want, then you can find a simple way out of this situation. This the article will be devoted to julienne cooked in a pan – recipes with photos.

Let’s start cooking julienne in a pan with a classic recipe without mushrooms, which is also considered the most basic and simple. And the taste the dishes will be amazing and without the use of any cocotte makers and molds.

How to cook chicken julienne in an oven pan

I must say that the recipe for julienne in a pan with those who for some reason do not eat chicken mushrooms for food.

  • Chicken (fillet) – 600 g;
  • Onions – 100 g;
  • Hard cheese – 150-200 g;
  • Milk (preferably homemade) – 1.5 tbsp .;
  • Butter – 30 g;
  • Flour – 2-3 tbsp. l .;
  • Dill Greens – 30 g;
  • Spices – salt, pepper.

Cut into cubes or thin strips of bird fillet and send on a preheated pan, having put a piece of it beforehand butter.

Chop the onion in half rings and about 7-10 minutes of frying Chicken also put it in the pan. Fry everything until until the bow is transparent.

In a separate bowl, mix homemade milk, flour, finely chopped fresh herbs, salt and pepper. Shuffle pour, pour to chicken and bring to a boil.

The mass should gradually acquire a thick consistency, and when if this happens, you must turn off the stove.

Now attention: grate the grated cheese on top and put in a preheated oven in a preheated oven – 15 min at 180 ° C.

As you can see, cooking julienne with chicken in a pan is very simply. This recipe can be changed to your taste and experiment with a set of products.

How to cook julienne with mushrooms without chicken

No less easy is julienne with mushrooms in a pan (recipe with photo). This method does not imply the use of any meat, as the main ingredient here are the fruiting bodies. For julienne in a pan without chicken, you can take any mushrooms – traditional mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, as well as wild mushrooms.

  • Mushrooms – 500-600 g;
  • Onion – 1 pc.;
  • Milk or cream – 150 ml;
  • Butter – 20-30 g;
  • Wheat flour – 2 tbsp. l .;
  • Cheese (hard) – 150 g;
  • Spices (salt, pepper) – to taste.

If you decide to take wild mushrooms for a snack, then it is very important carry out their preliminary heat treatment in salted water.

How to cook julienne with mushrooms in a pan for this prescription?

We cut the prepared fruiting bodies with slices and send to a pan in which we put butter.

We begin to fry the mushrooms over medium heat and after a few minutes add to them the onion, cut into half rings.

Continuing to fry the filling, add flour, salt, pepper, mix, pour milk or cream. Reduce the fire and languish the dish is still a few minutes.

Meanwhile, rub the cheese on a coarse grater, and then sprinkle with it julienne.

We move from the stove to the oven preheated to 170 ° C and bake until golden crust.

Julienne in a pan with mushrooms and chicken: a classic recipe with a photo

The following recipe with a photo of a classic julienne in a pan more familiar, as it combines both of the above product – chicken and mushrooms. This method is one of the most popular and in demand among the rest of julienne.

  • Chicken (breast) – 1 pc.;
  • Fresh champignons – 500 g;
  • White onion – 2 medium pcs.;
  • Homemade cream – 1.5 tbsp. (250 ml);
  • Butter – 30 g;
  • Potato starch – 1.5 tbsp. l .;
  • Hard cheese – 170-200 g;
  • Salt, pepper – 0.5 tsp each.

Separate the meat from the seeds, rinse and cut into small in small cubes.

Put a frying pan with butter on medium heat and fry the chicken for about 3-5 minutes.

During this time, we quickly chop the mushrooms with straws and send to meat.

Chop the onion finely or in half rings, throw in a pan to the remaining components, continuing to fry the mass for about 5 minutes.

Separately, in a deep container we breed cream with starch and beat with a fork until smooth.

Pour into mushrooms and chicken, salt, pepper, reduce the intensity of the fire is minimized and simmer for about 5 minutes.

Julienne in a pan with chicken and mushrooms is almost ready, left just sprinkle it with grated cheese and bake in the oven at 180 ° C to crust formation.

Serve hot appetizer beforehand laying it out on plates. Classic julienne recipe in a pan with mushrooms and chicken is unparalleled. This is a versatile dish. Both adults and children love it.

Homemade julienne in a pan with mushrooms and smoked meats

And if in the recipe for julienne with mushrooms in a pan add smoked products, you get a completely different taste and aroma.

  • Fresh champignons – 300 g;
  • Chicken broth – 1 tbsp .;
  • Smoked chicken meat – 300-400 g;
  • Onion – 1 large head;
  • Cheese – 200 g;
  • Fat milk – 1 tbsp .;
  • Flour – 2 tbsp. l .;
  • Salt pepper.

Chop the onions and fresh mushrooms into strips, lightly fry on vegetable oil in a deep pan.

Add smoked meats, randomly torn to pieces, and continue fry.

Season a little with salt, pepper and pour a glass of broth.

Then add flour, stir and pour milk. Put out everything together for about 10 minutes, then remove from the stove.

Sprinkle with grated cheese and bake right in the pan for about 15 minutes (150-170 ° C)

Home-made julienne in a pan with mushrooms and smoked meat will find a positive response among home.

Julienne recipe with mushrooms and cream in a pan

You can move away a little from the traditional recipe for this French snacks and change its composition. I must say that from this the experiment, the taste of the dish will not get worse.

So, julienne in a pan with cream mushrooms will go off with a bang if you add not only chicken to it, but various vegetables.

  • White chicken meat (boiled) – 500 g;
  • Mushrooms – 350 g;
  • Leek – 150 g;
  • Zucchini or young zucchini – 200 g;
  • Red bell pepper – 1 pc.;
  • Cream – 250 ml;
  • Hard cheese – 250 g;
  • Flour – 1 tbsp. l .;
  • Fresh parsley – 30 g;
  • Olive oil – for frying;
  • Salt and pepper.

Satisfied guests will quickly empty the pan with julienne under cream, praising its refined taste. And homework will gobble up for both cheeks and ask for supplements.

So, cut meat with mushrooms into small strips or cubes.

Grind bell pepper and zucchini in the same way.

We heat the pan with oil over a fire and send mushrooms there and leek, sliced ​​in half rings.

Fry the mass a little, add the bell pepper and zucchini, fry for 7 minutes

Then spread the chicken, cream, flour, mix thoroughly and season with spices – salt and pepper.

Stew for several minutes, transfer from stove to oven cupboard, do not forget to sprinkle the dish with grated cheese and chopped greens.

Bake for 10 minutes at a temperature of at least 190 ° C.

Mushroom julienne with sour cream and fish in a pan

A great alternative to mushroom julienne in a cream pan will be a recipe with a different set of ingredients. To those who love gifts seas, we offer to cook mushroom julienne in a pan with sour cream and fish.

  • Champignons – 400 g;
  • Pilengas – 1 kg;
  • Sour cream – 2 tbsp .;
  • Onion – 1 head;
  • Butter – 20 g;
  • Lemon juice – 2 tbsp. l .;
  • Flour – 1 tsp;
  • Salt pepper.

Pilengas divided into fillets, salt, pepper, coat 0.5 Art. sour cream, put in a pan with butter and bake on half-preparedness.

Remove the fish from the oven, allow to cool, cut into small stripes and sprinkle with lemon juice.

Put mushrooms in a pan from under the Pilengas slices.

Then add half rings of onion and fry all together for 5 minutes.

Put the fish, gently stir, season with salt pepper.

Pour in sour cream, add flour, stir, sprinkle with grated top cheese and turn off the fire.

Bake julienne directly in a pan in the oven at temperature 180 ° C for about 20 minutes

I must say that this dish is also good for serving a glass white wine.

How to cook julienne with mushrooms and crab sticks in in the pan

Recently, Julienne’s recipe has also become popular. pan with mushrooms and crab sticks. This original the appetizer will definitely become your culinary “business card. ”

  • Champignons – 500 g;
  • Crab sticks – 300 g;
  • Onion – 1 head;
  • Butter 60 g;
  • Wheat flour – 3 tsp;
  • Hard or processed cheese – 150 g;
  • Milk – 1.5 tbsp .;
  • Salt, pepper – ¼ tsp each.

After reviewing the list of products, you need to understand how cook julienne in a pan according to this recipe.

Cut the onion as small as possible, chop the mushrooms with slices.

Fry together on 20 g butter until half-preparedness.

Then add the crab sticks and fry for about 5 minutes.

Meanwhile, we are doing the sauce: in a separate bowl we combine melted butter, flour and milk. Salt, pepper and beat thoroughly until smooth consistency.

Fill the filling with the resulting filling and bring the dish to boiling.

Remove from heat, spread grated cheese on top and send to preheat oven at 180 ° C.

When the cheese melts and turns brown, it’s means that you can already take out.

Julienne in a pan with mushrooms and crab sticks ready, bon appetit!

How to cook julienne in a pan without an oven

We also want to draw your attention to how else you can cook mushroom julienne with chicken in a pan. Notice in this you don’t have to bother with the oven, as a snack will be cooked right on the stove. In addition, this method significantly save your time on the eve of the holiday, because you You can cook 2 dishes at once – 1 in the oven, 1 on stove.

  • Fresh champignons – 400-500 g;
  • Chicken fillet – 500 g;
  • Milk – 1.5 tbsp .;
  • Cheese – 200 g;
  • Flour or potato starch – 1 tbsp. l .;
  • Butter – 50 g;
  • Salt pepper.

To cook julienne in a pan without an oven, you must follow these recommendations:

Heat a dry pan over a fire and pour out flour to lightly dried, removed from the stove and set aside.

Pour in butter and put on fire again. Good stir so that there are no lumps, and pour milk. Bring mass to boil, salt, pepper, mix and remove from heat.

Cut chicken fillet with mushrooms into strips and fry in 2 tbsp. l vegetable oil – first meat, and then mushrooms.

When the filling is almost ready, pour in the finished sauce, spread the crushed cheese nicely, cover and stew about 15 min over low heat.

As you can see, cook julienne in a pan without using a brass a cabinet is even easier than using it.

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