Hypomyces green

Hypomyces green (Hypomyces viridis)


  • Department: Ascomycota (Ascomycetes)
  • Subdivision: Pezizomycotina (Pesizomycotins)
  • Class: Sordariomycetes (Sordariomycetes)
  • Subclass: Hypocreomycetidae
  • Order: Hypocreales
  • Family: Hypocreaceae
  • Genus: Hypomyces (Hypomyces)
  • Species: Hypomyces viridis (Hypomyces green)


  • Pekiella yellow-green
  • Peckiella luteovirens

Hypomyces green (Hypomyces viridis)

Hypomyces green (Hypomyces viridis) is a fungus of the family Hypomycetes, belongs to the genus Hypomyces.

External description

Hypomyces green (Hypomyces viridis) is a parasitic fungus that grows on the lamellar hymenophore of russula. This species does not allow the plates to develop, they are covered with a green-yellow crust. Russula infected with this parasite are not suitable for consumption.

The stroma of the fungus is prostrate, yellow-green in color, completely covers the plates of the host fungus, leading to a reduction of the entire fruiting body. The mycelium of the parasite completely penetrates the fruiting bodies of russules. They become stiff, on the cut you can see rounded cavities, which are covered with white mycelium.

Season and habitat of the mushroom

It parasitizes russules during their fruiting period, from July to September.

Hypomyces green (Hypomyces viridis)


Hypomyces green (Hypomyces viridis) is inedible. Moreover, russula or other fungi on which this parasite develops become unfit for human consumption. Although there is an opposite opinion. Russula infected with green hypomyces (Hypomyces viridis) acquire an unusual taste, similar to seafood. And the cases of poisoning with green hypomyces (Hypomyces viridis) have not been recorded by specialists.

Photo of the fungus Hypomyces green from the questions in recognition:

Hypomyces viridis - Green hypomyces Hypomyces viridis - Green hypomyces Hypomyces viridis - Green hypomyces 2018.09.26 Ivan

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