How to clean and pickle small mushrooms

How to clean and pickle small mushroomsHoney mushrooms are one of the few mushrooms that fans of 'quiet hunting' love to collect. The fact is that this type of fruit body cannot grow alone. Arriving in the forest, you can find a whole 'community' of yellow-brown hats. In particular, mushroom pickers prefer to collect small mushrooms, as they are great for pickling. Firstly, such fruiting bodies are very tasty, and secondly, they look very beautiful and appetizing in a jar.

How to clean small mushrooms at home?

However, before getting on the table, the mushrooms undergo primary processing before pickling – cleaning and boiling. How to clean small mushrooms at home and can it be done quickly? I must say that mushrooms are by nature pure mushrooms, so they do not require thorough cleaning of the caps from the skin.

There is one very effective way to remove dirt and adhering debris from the honey fungus – soaking. Of course, if on some specimen you find too dirty places, then it is better to just remove them with a knife. Also, cut off the bottom of the leg as it is hard and usually dirty. Some housewives also prefer to remove the 'skirts' from the legs, but this is not necessary for young mushrooms. Then place the small mushrooms in a bowl of salt water – 1 tbsp. l. sea ​​or table salt per 1 liter of water. Keep them in this state for 40-45 minutes, but do not overexpose for more than 1 hour. Then rinse with tap water and heat. Place the mushrooms in a pot of water and add a couple of pinches of citric acid to preserve the color. Boil, removing the foam, for 15-20 minutes, then proceed to the blanks.

How to pickle small mushrooms in banks?

How to pickle small mushrooms in jars at home? This requires the presence of the mushrooms themselves, your favorite spices and table vinegar. There are 2 ways to show how to pickle small mushrooms – cold and hot. In the first version, the marinade is cooked separately from the mushrooms, and in the second, a joint process takes place.

Whichever method you use, you need to remember that the jars, along with the lids, must be sterilized in advance. Favorite spices are thrown into the marinade, in particular: salt, sugar, nutmeg, cloves and black pepper. Vinegar is poured last, and then the mushrooms, along with the marinade, are distributed in the jars. After seaming, they are allowed to cool and taken out to a cool place.

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