Hebeloma tapered

Category: inedible.

Hat (diameter 4-18 cm): shiny, the color can be from completely white to light brick. In a young gebeloma, the cap has the shape of a hemisphere, which over time changes to almost completely open. The edges are usually folded down. Ingrown brownish scales are clearly visible.

Stem (height 6-16 cm): often grayish or gray-brown with small scales along its entire length. It is almost half hidden in the ground, which is why this gebele was called root-shaped.

Flesh: very firm, white or gray.

Plates: adhere tightly to the stem. In young mushrooms, they are gray, but over time they change to ocher or dark brown.

Young tapered gebeloma has a sweet taste, which changes to very bitter as the fungus grows.

Doubles: none.

Application in traditional medicine: not applicable.

The hebeloma root-shaped fungus grows from mid-July to early October in temperate countries of the Northern Hemisphere.

See below what the tapered hebeloma looks like in the photo:

Where to find it: On limestone and well-drained deciduous forest soils, prefers to grow next to oak trees.

Eating: Inedible due to poor taste.

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