Carbon-loving scales

Carbon-loving scalesCategory: conditionally edible.

Cap (diameter 3-11 cm): shiny, usually ocher, orange or brown, with fibrous scales and a small central tubercle. In a young mushroom, it is slightly convex, with time it becomes almost prostrate. Slightly sticky to the touch.

Leg (height 2.5-8 cm): yellow or brownish, cylindrical in shape, tapering from bottom to top, has small scales.

Plates: light yellow in young mushrooms, dark brown in old ones.

Flesh: very thin, yellowish.

Doubles: none.

Coal-loving scales grow from mid-June to early December in the countries of the northern temperate zone.

Where can you find it: at the sites of former bonfires.

Eating coal-loving flakes after preliminary boiling is suitable for pickling, but is not popular.

Application in traditional medicine: not applicable.

Other names: coal-loving moth, cinder flake, alpine flake.

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