Aromatic milky

Fragrant Miller (Lactarius glyciosmus) Fragrant Miller (Lactarius glyciosmus) Fragrant Miller (Lactarius glyciosmus)

Fragrant Miller (Lactarius glyciosmus)


  • Department: Basidiomycota (Basidiomycetes)
  • Subdivision: Agaricomycotina (Agaricomycetes)
  • Class: Agaricomycetes (Agaricomycetes)
  • Subclass: Incertae sedis (undefined)
  • Order: Russulales
  • Family: Russulaceae (Russula)
  • Genus: Lactarius (Miller)
  • Species: Lactarius glyciosmus (Aromatic Miller)

This name of the mushroom has several Russian and Latin synonyms:

  • Fragrant breast;

  • Solodchak;

  • Fragrant Miller;

  • Coconut milky;

  • Fragrant miller;

  • Agaricus glyciosmus;
  • Galorrheus glyciosmus;
  • Lactifluus glyciosmus.

Fragrant Miller (Lactarius glyciosmus)

Fragrant miller (Lactarius glyciosmus) is a mushroom from the russula family.

External description of the mushroom

The fruiting body of a fragrant lactarius is represented by a cap and a leg. The fungus has a lamellar hymenophore, the plates in which are characterized by frequent arrangement and small thickness. They run down the leg, have a flesh color, sometimes turning into a pinkish or grayish tint.

The size of the cap is 3-6 cm in diameter. It is characterized by a convex shape, which with age changes to a flattened and extended, the middle becomes depressed in it. In mature, fragrant milkmen, the cap becomes funnel-shaped, and its edge becomes tucked up. The hat is covered with a skin, the surface of which is covered with a light fluff, and to the touch it is dry, without a hint of stickiness. The color of this skin ranges from lilac-gray and ocher-gray to pink-brown.

The thickness of the mushroom leg is 0.5-1 cm, and its height is small, about 1 cm. Its structure is loose, and the surface is smooth to the touch. The color of the leg is almost the same as that of the cap, only slightly lighter. As the fruiting bodies of the fungus mature, the stem becomes hollow.

The mushroom pulp is characterized by a white color, has a coconut aroma, it tastes fresh, but leaves a pungent aftertaste. The color of the milky juice is white.

Fungal spores are ellipsoidal and ornamented and creamy in color.

Habitat and period of fruiting

The fruiting period of the aromatic lactarius (Lactarius glyciosmus) falls on the period from August to October. Fruiting bodies of the fungus grow under birches, in mixed and deciduous forests. Often mushroom pickers meet them among fallen leaves.

Fragrant Miller (Lactarius glyciosmus)


The aromatic milky (Lactarius glyciosmus) is one of the conditionally edible mushrooms. It is more often used in a salted form, and also as a good flavoring for various types of dishes. It has no taste, as such, but leaves behind a pungent aftertaste. It has a pleasant coconut aroma.

Similar species, distinctive features from them

Among the main species similar to the aromatic lactarius, one can name: – The papillary milky (Lactarius mammosus), in which the cap has a tubercle with a sharp tip in its central part, as well as a darker color. – Faded Miller (Lactarius vietus). The dimensions of which are somewhat larger, and the cap is covered with an adhesive composition. The plates of the hymenophore in the faded lactic acid darken when damaged, and the milky sap turns gray when exposed to air.

Fragrant Miller (Lactarius glyciosmus) Fragrant Miller (Lactarius glyciosmus) Fragrant Miller (Lactarius glyciosmus)

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